What to put on a CV (and what to leave out)

What to put on a CV

You are ready to enter the Dutch job market for the first time or you finally made the choice for a career change. In both cases you start your job search by updating your CV or writing it from scratch (again). You open your laptop in good spirits but soon you will catch yourself staring […]

5 Simple LinkedIn Summary Tips for a Flawless Profile

LinkedIn Profile Review & Writing Services | Career Spark | the Netherlands

When you are job hunting, you need to write a lot of things. A stunning CV, a persuasive cover letter. It is not surprising then that your LinkedIn summary gets overlooked. It simply isn’t at the top of your to-do list. But that’s a shame, because having a great ‘about section’ really does convince recruiters […]

How to Write a Cover Letter (And What To Include)

The Career Spark

After weeks or even months of job searching, you finally found that one job you love (or even multiple). You spent a lot of time perfecting your CV or resume and tailored them in such a way they perfectly aligns with the requirements in the job description. However, that same job description calls for a […]