3 benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Why is Diversity and Inclusion Important to Organizational Success? Why are they essential in the business strategy? The benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, according to different business cases, are huge and have an impact in the short and long term.
The society nowadays is very diverse. Having a diverse workforce for the organisations will only reflect the real society, people, culture.
With these 3 benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace companies will be much more likely to incorporate this in their business strategy.

1. Greater innovation and originality

One benefit of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is an increase of innovation, originality and creativity. People with different backgrounds, knowledge, skills and experiences are likely to approach the same challenge in different ways and come up with different ideas, perspectives and solutions to problems. A diverse environment where people feel included will feel more comfortable to share ideas with others and are more adaptable.

2. Easier to attract and hire top talent

Another benefit of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is that when companies encourage diversity and inclusion, as studies show, they will attract top talent as people feel much more comfortable working in this kind of organisation. Jobseekers find a diverse workforce an important factor when evaluating companies. These people will be more likely to accept the job offer and feel more welcomed. For the companies when it comes to finding new talent there is more to choose from.

3. Higher performance and revenues

Greater innovation, originality and creativity, attract and hire top talent. What does this mean for the company? An important benefit of diversity and inclusion in the workplace is that this can lead to higher revenues. The business will grow as a result of an increase in productivity. Productivity in the other hand is encouraged through teamwork , exchange of different approaches and creativity, which are characteristics to a diverse team. Employees will be happier in a diverse environment; new ideas will arise and the business will flourish. Diversity and inclusion is a key driver of financial performance. Companies that incorporate diversity and inclusion in the workplace outperform others in talents and financially. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is an important driver of company financial performance.

Benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace are huge. Having a diverse team and environment nowadays has become usual. But making everyone feel welcomed and respected that is inclusion and that is another story. Incorporating diversity in the workplace without inclusion will not help any company with any of the benefits we above. Read here more about Diversity in the workplace: 3 ways to get it right.

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