6 steps to a Successful Career Change during COVID-19

Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your industry or your job position? And are you thinking of a career change? There are a lot of new possibilities and chances in this changing job market. New positions are created, new ideas are flourishing, new products are released. Chances, chances, chances. Crisis, transitions, pandemics are all opportunities. Jobs may have been lost in some areas but opportunities are rising in other industries.

Read this article if you want to learn:
How to successfully make a career change during the pandemic.

1.Start with a self-evaluation

Why do you want a career change? What makes you happy and where do you get energy from? What do you find important in life? Try to answer these kind of questions and take the time to reflect on yourself. Get clear in who you are and know yourself. Ask family and friends to help you with this. It helps if you write this down as you can match it later on with your qualifications, values and possible open vacancies that fit your upcoming career change.

2. Evaluate the professional you

Where are you good at? What are your hard and soft (transferable) skills? What are your biggest career accomplishments? What are your core values? What are your qualifications? Knowing your ‘professional you’ can help you have the right focus and concentrate on the right opportunities. Make a list which you will need for your CV and matching job descriptions.

3. Explore the labour market

In which industries would you like to work? What kind of organization, culture, people fit your own values and interests? Knowing who you are (characteristics), what you can do (skills, knowledge and experience) and what you want (values and interests), enables you to define what suits you best, gives you focus and helps you make decisions for your career change.

Investigate roles and job titles you are interested in. Read job descriptions and evaluate the requirements needed for these positions. Do you have the skills that you need to be a potential candidate for this new type of role? Do you need certifications or any additional education? Then plan to kick-off your new learning journey.

4. Rebrand yourself online for your career change

Update your social media, LinkedIn profile etc. Connect and network with new people working within that new field of interest. Ask friends and family for help. Create your brand around the job positions you want and the related industry. Engage in posts and conversations, then reposition yourself in the new labour environment.

5. Update your application documents

Rebrand yourself not only online but make your application documents fitted to your new career interest. You will want to make the best first impression through a well-written CV where you highlight your skills and cover letter which contain all the relevant and key words to apply for your new positions. Read hear how to write a CV or cover letter. Prepare a powerful elevator pitch and practice it in front of friend and family. Ask them for tips on how to improve your pitch. This way you are well prepared for your career change.

6. Start applying

Now you have everything ready to apply for your dream job. You have already found the vacancies you would like to go for. You have adjusted the application documents for the role. You have aligned your relevant qualifications, skills, experience and personal traits perfectly with those required for the job and you can communicate clearly what value you can bring to the table. Just push that button and keep pushing it till you land the interview. Have your interview skills ready. Prepare for answers around why you are changing career: What makes you qualified for a role? Why did you decide to change career?

Need help with your career change?

Do you need help and guidance in this whole career changing process? Do you need some help on writing powerful application documents, LinkedIn profile review of practicing job interview skills? Check our services for more information and feel free to contact us and find out how we can make you stand out from the competition and make your next career move the best decision in your life.

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