How to explain CV gaps

How to explain CV gaps CV gaps nowadays are actually likely to become more and more common. There are different reasons for having these CV gaps. Life is unforeseeable and sometimes things are out of our control. Reasons like: caring for a relative, redundancy, looking after children, studying, travelling, health issues or career change may […]

Diversity in the workplace: 3 ways to get it right

diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the workplace is a hot topic nowadays. But before companies start managing diversity in the workplace, they have to know what diversity is. Diversity is anything that makes people different from one another. Diversity includes a myriad of factors – who we are, what we do, believe, where we come from, how we […]

How to write a powerful Elevator Pitch for job interviews

Congratulations! You have been invited to a job interview. At first you will need to introduce yourself in a persuasive way in order to nail the interview and close it with a job offer. One tool to make your introduction effective and successful is the elevator pitch. What is an elevator pitch and how to […]

5 Ways To Stay Motivated while job hunting

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Questions? Call Us +31 (0) 615 394 669 Ignite About Services Blog Testimonials Shop Contact X The Career Spark 5 Ways To Stay Motivated while job hunting How do you stay motivated while you are looking for your next career? Job hunting can be a long and challenging process. Staying motivated during a job hunt […]

7 tips on how to prepare for a video job interview

Change Career

Congratulations! You are invited for a video interview. In this article you will find 7 successful tips for a video job interview preparing you to be confident, ace the interview and land the job that makes you happy. Video interviews have become commonplace as the way we work has radically changed. The hiring process has […]

5 Common job interview questions and how to answer them

The Career Spark

This article offers powerful preparation techniques, on how to answer the most common interview questions, and above all how to win confidence and ace the interview. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what questions will be asked in a job interview? There are hundreds of job interview questions you may be asked but […]

4 thoughts on leaving your current job during COVID-19

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Is leaving your current job a right move for you at this moment? After reading this article you will better understand the motivation behind your desire for leaving your current job and move on. And then you may decide that now is the perfect time for you to explore a new career path Career change […]

6 steps to a Successful Career Change during COVID-19

Change Career

Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your industry or your job position? And are you thinking of a career change? There are a lot of new possibilities and chances in this changing job market. New positions are created, new ideas are flourishing, new products are released. Chances, chances, chances. Crisis, transitions, pandemics are all opportunities. Jobs […]

What to put on a CV (and what to leave out)

What to put on a CV

You are ready to enter the Dutch job market for the first time or you finally made the choice for a career change. In both cases you start your job search by updating your CV or writing it from scratch (again). You open your laptop in good spirits but soon you will catch yourself staring […]