How to explain CV gaps

CV gaps nowadays are actually likely to become more and more common. There are different reasons for having these CV gaps. Life is unforeseeable and sometimes things are out of our control. Reasons like: caring for a relative, redundancy, looking after children, studying, travelling, health issues or career change may cause a CV gap.

However, no matter what the reason is, do not stress. Knowing how to address and explain these CV gaps will help you succeed and seal the deal.

Here are some preparation tips to help you explain your CV gaps and boost your confidence. If you are interested in What to put on a CV then read this article.


1. Be honest

While explaining a CV gap, whatever the reasons should be, just be open and honest. You do not have to go through every detail, but you should be able to talk about it openly, clearly and especially without lying or trying to be vague about your CV gap. Honesty always wins. Hiring managers and recruiters are less worried about your CV gap and more concerned if you have the right skills and they can rely on you.


2. Be positive

It matters how you explain these CV gaps and which word and phrases you use to elaborate. Be optimistic and positief in your word choice. When listening your experience include the gaps and use bullet points by explaining briefly the reasons but focussing on the key achievements if possible. Focus on what you learned and use positive language. During the interview instead of apologising for your gaps explain the steps you took to implement positive changes and how you improved your skills.


3. Be prepared

You know that if you are invited to an interview the hiring manager will be asking about your CV gap. Make sure you prepare your answers well. Structure your answers briefly and positively. Explain why you have this CV gap and then continue to elaborate on how you spent your time and what you did learn and why you are the right candidate for them. It is all about confidence. Do not stress. Most professionals will have at one point a CV gap and it is not unusual t in your employment history but it will only stand out if you don’t explain it.

Having a CV gap is not the challenge itself. Being confident, honest, enthusiastic and well prepared is the key. The main thing employers are concerned about is whether you have the right skills and expertise.


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