Career orientation

The job market can be overwhelming, especially when you have recently graduated and are entering the labour market for the first time. But also seasoned professionals considering a career change can be surprised by all of the job opportunities out there. Most certainly because every year, new positions and job titles are created by leading companies. Career orientation helps you get an idea of those possibilities - and matches your individual skills and goals to them.
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Find a fitting career

Career orientation is all about discovering a career that fits your interests, skills and ambitions. With the help of an experienced career coach, you will identify your professional goals and determine your strengths and weaknesses. This provides the direction for exploring what kind of positions fit you best and offer you the most happiness and joy. Although salary and good working conditions are important, we believe enjoying your job is what matters the most.

Career orientation is a personal journey

We all have potential, but everyone expresses it differently. That’s why we like to discuss your personal situation in depth. By doing so we find out what is the best way for you to start looking for a job you’ll love. With an individual action plan you can find relevant opportunities easier. And when you have found a vacancy you like, we are happy to help you leave an unforgettable impression at recruiters and hiring managers.


Career orientation can benefit you in a number of ways. It ultimately helps you find out what you want, what jobs match your interests and how to apply successfully for those positions. But along the way, you will also gain:

Who are we?

We are The Career Spark. We are a team of career coaches with first-hand experience in career moves and broad knowledge of recruitment, HR and psychology. We offer international jobseekers in the Netherlands helpful career orientation, consultation and writing or review services with which they can start or change their in the best way possible. We help you grow – professionally and personal.