Cover letter writing services

Receiving job interviews solely based on your CV can be hard - if not, impossible. Although they are important because they reflect your skills and experience in a convenient way, CV’s lack personality. That’s why you need to write a good cover letter. An accompanying document with more detailed information on why you are the best candidate for the vacancy. A sales pitch. Our cover letter writing services help you get the most out of it.
Cover Letter Writing Services | The Career Spark | The Netherlands

Get invited for job interviews

A well-written cover letter makes the difference between getting that job interview or having your CV ignored. It’s where you introduce yourself to recruiters and hiring managers while you elaborate on why you can be a valuable asset to their organization by highlighting in what way your skills and experience relate to the criteria of the vacancy. Our cover letter writing services ensure you make a strong impression on the companies you are applying to.

We offer customized cover letter writing services

It might take you some time to write a cover letter for each application, but it is the way to go to make the most impact on your future employer. After all, you tell them how you can provide benefits for their particular organization. With our cover letter writing services, we customize your document to match your relevant skills and experience perfectly with those required in the specific job advertisement.

This is what you get

Professional cover letter writing services will provide you with a personal and tailored document that demonstrates your value as an employee in the best way possible. In addition, you will benefit from:

Who are we?

We are The Career Spark. With a team of experts and experienced trainers in the fields of recruitment, HR and psychology we help international jobseekers in the Netherlands land their dream job by offering career consultation, job interview coaching and CV and cover letter writing services. Everything you need to maximize your potential and get the job you want most.

Cover Letter Writing Services | The Career Spark | The Netherlands