Job advice

Whether you’re new to the labour market or feeling stuck in your current job, planning your next career move is very important. Working at the wrong positions leads to stress, frustration and overall feelings of unhappiness. Even at home. Job advice from our professional career coaches can help you with your next step. Whether you need familiarizing with the job market or figuring out what it is you really want to do, we help you make the right decision.

Focus on your personal goals

Our job advice is focused on your personal goals. We help you find a job that you love, we explore new career paths that suit you too or help you get the most out of your current position. We provide practical guidance in your job search, determine your strengths and weaknesses and consult you on vacancies that fit you like a glove. In short, everything you need to make your next career move a successful one.

What to expect

Our career consultation and job advice are based on the outcome of a series of proven tools and questions which your coach will use to discover your interests, values and skills. Next up, we define your professional ambitions and pick a direction that perfectly aligns with said goals. After that, we help you find new opportunities or we draw up a plan that will help you advance in your current career path. Whatever path you choose, you will get useful job advice from our experienced coaches along the way.

Why job advice?

Third party job advice benefits everyone who enters the job market, whether it is for the first or 17th time. Talking to one of our professional career coaches will help you gain new insights about your character and your career. Things you never thought of yourself. Our career advice also:

About the Career Spark

The Career Spark consists of a team of career coaches and consultants with experience in psychology, HR and recruitment. We put our knowledge and experience to good use by helping international professionals in the Netherlands find and land their dream job. We offer useful job advice, but also assist you in effective CV’s and LinkedIn profiles or help you prepare for job interviews. Everything you can possibly need to get the job that you love most.