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Job interviews can be a challenge. Employers are asking more and more for specific skills and traits for their positions. However, confidently presenting yourself continues to have a massive impact on the outcome of job interviews. Self-assured applicants are perceived more successful and therefore make up better candidates for filling in vacancies. With our job interview coaching services, you can be that self-assured and confident candidate that employers want to see.
Job Interview Coaching Services | The Career Spark | The Netherlands

We offer custom job interview coaching

Although common tips and tricks for acing a job interview can be found all over the internet, custom job interview coaching adds the benefit of learning how to deal with specific topics that are tied to the job position or to your own personal pitfalls. By offering a tailored service for international (professional) jobseekers in the Netherlands, we will also teach you how to respond to typically sought after skills and traits in the Dutch labour market.

This is how it works

Our custom job interview coaching services are designed to meet your individual needs and the criteria of the vacancy you are applying for. Your interview coach will review your CV, the job description, and personal specifications before creating a script with the most likely interview questions. We practise several mock interviews in which you will get live feedback on your performance as well as coaching on how to communicate more effectively.

Benefits of job interview coaching

Our job interview coaching services ensure success in confidently having the interview. An expert coach gives you all the tools and knowledge needed to get the job you want. By the end of the coaching sessions, you’ll benefit from:

Who are we?

We are The Career Spark. With a team of experts and experienced trainers in the fields of recruitment, HR and psychology we help international jobseekers in the Netherlands land their dream job. Whether you need job interview coaching, useful career consultation or just some help with writing your CV, we always strive to help you get the most out of your search for a new career. We believe in your potential.

Job Interview Coaching Services | The Career Spark | The Netherlands