Job interview preparation

Your CV or LinkedIn profile did the job and landed you an interview. Great! But you’re not there yet. You still need to ace that interview to get the job you want. Although you probably got the required qualifications and skills, you still need to present yourself in a confident way and give the right answers to important questions of recruiters or hiring managers to convince them you are their ideal candidate. Good job interview preparation helps you with that.


An important part of your job interview preparation should consist of doing research. The initial job description is a good place to start. Think up ways you can associate the requirements with your own qualifications and skills. Also perform research on the company and specific role you’re applying to. Make sure you know what they offer, what their values are and what they might expect from you in the role of the vacant position.

Professional help

Great job interview preparation consists of more than doing research. You should also be anticipating questions that are likely to be asked, such as general inquiries about your strengths as well as job specific questions about your interest in the company or position. Preparing for these questions can be kind of hard – but that’s where professional job interview preparation help comes in.

Job interview preparation services

Our job interview preparation services help you prepare for the interview in the best way possible. By conducting mock interviews, providing feedback on your answers and giving tips on your speaking voice and body language, we ensure you can confidently have the interview and present yourself in the best way possible. This is what you get:

Who are we?

We are the Career Spark, experienced trainers and coaches in recruitment, HR and psychology. We help international professionals find their ideal jobs in the Netherlands – and land them. Whether you need help with writing your CV, some career advice or some professional help with your job interview preparation, we always help you to get the most out of your next career move. Your career is our care.