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LinkedIn is the #1 social network for professional networking and career development. It is a great platform to maintain and expand your network, but it is also one of the tools most used by recruiters for finding talent that matches their vacancies perfectly. So if you are looking for a job or a new challenge, it is crucial your profile can be found easily. With a professional LinkedIn profile review by one of our experts your profile gets definitely seen by the right people.

Get more job opportunities

An optimized LinkedIn profile greatly increases your visibility in search results. With it you can sit back and relax while recruiters and hiring managers reach out to you instead of the other way around. As a result, you will get more job opportunities while expanding your network even further. However, only being found doesn’t cut it. Our LinkedIn profile review services also ensure a profile that stands out and persuades recruiters in picking up the phone to call you. Or at least send you a message.

How it works

Your LinkedIn profile review is carried out by experts that efficiently find gaps to fill, improvements to make and keywords to rank for. We optimize your headline, summary, work experience, education and skills according to the jobs you are looking for – and to the probable demands of recruiters and hiring managers. That way we create a full and enticing profile. You won’t ever have to sweat again about your future employer secretly checking you out.

What a LinkedIn profile review gets you

Our professional LinkedIn profile review by experts in HR, recruitment and psychology offer you a wide array of second thoughts and suggestions for increasing your chance of landing that job interview.  We will also take matters in our own hands, if that is what you prefer. Either way, after reviewing your profile you will always:

Who are we?

We are The Career Spark. We help international jobseekers in the Netherlands get their dream job. With a LinkedIn profile review, CV writing services, job interview coaching and career consultation we always offer the support that takes your job hunting game up a notch. We believe in your potential – and help you to maximize it.