The Spark€ 845

For international professionals in the Netherlands who are looking for a new or different career, the Spark is an extensive career coaching package that provides everything you need in order to land that next job interview – and ace it right away.

This is what you get

The Spark package includes:

  • Career consultation
    30 minute counselling with a professional career coach about your career history and your next career move.
  • Customized CV
    Tailored to the position you apply for and customizable to different positions and companies. For one vacancy.
  • Customized Cover Letter
    Tailored to the position you apply for and customizable to different positions and companies. For one vacancy.
  • Optimized LinkedIn profile
    To the positions you apply for, delivered in a Microsoft Word format for you to upload your file.
  • Preparation
    1 hour preparation by a professional career coach
  • Mock interviews
    1.5 hours of one-to-one interview training targeted at the position you want to apply for.

And you’ll also benefit from:

  • Delivery within 7 business days
  • Two rounds of revisions
  • Bonus: Elevator Pitch
    A step-by-step template to create a powerful 30-second elevator pitch.
  • Bonus: Interview checklist
    A step-by-step template to ensure you are completely prepared for making the best first impression

The Spark package prepare you for your next interview in the best way possible. You will receive a professional, fully optimized CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that will make you stand out. With the support, training and advice of your career coach, you will get all the tools you need to confidently present yourself as the ideal candidate in job interviews for positions you dreamed of.

We are the Career Spark
The Career Spark is formed by a team of international professionals with comprehensive knowledge and experience in HR, recruitment, psychology and the Dutch labour market. From our own experience, we know how challenging job hunting in the Netherlands can be. That’s why we have committed ourselves to make your next career move as smooth and rewarding as possible by offering you all the tools and strategies you need.

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