4 thoughts on leaving your current job during COVID-19

Is leaving your current job a right move for you at this moment?

After reading this article you will better understand the motivation behind your desire for leaving your current job and move on. And then you may decide that now is the perfect time for you to explore a new career path Career change during COVID-19 or stay in your current job after.

1. COVID-19 measurements effect your current job

Are you unhappy working from home? Are you dissatisfied with factors related to COVID-19? Try to find out if working from home during the pandemic has impacted your current job and if your role is not matching with this new situation. Can you do something about it yourself? Or are there any possibilities to adapt this role in a way you still can enjoy your job?

2. Company or job related unhappiness

Are you unhappy with your current job, role or your career? Is it the relationship with your manager or colleagues that you don’t like? Do you feel unappreciated or undervalued at your company? Or are the responsibilities not challenging enough? If you don’t see a future in your organisation, role or for the industry you are working for, then it might be time to consider a career move, either than staying in your current job.

3. Evaluate your skills and values

When you are not satisfied with the above answers ,try to think of things that you will enjoy doing in your new career. What you are looking for? Take some time to evaluate your skills and values and explore new roles by reading job descriptions. Do the requirements of this job descriptions align with your skills and values? By matching your interests with the requirements you can narrow down the options and find out what your new career can look like and why you would want to leave your current job.

4. Can you afford your current job leave

You found out what your new career could look like and what makes you happy professionally. Now the question is: will it have a financial impact and can you afford it right now? To support your current job leave and particularly when you expect a salary reduction it is important to think whether you want to take that risk at this moment or wait for a later one.

Whatever you decide don’t give up. You have come so far and you know what you want in your new career, as well as why you want it. Now you know the motivations behind your desire for leaving your current job. The next step is to just plan the right time to take action.

Need Help evaluating your current job?

Are you wondering if leaving your current job is the right move for you in this moment? Do you need help and guidance in this whole current job leave process? Check our services for more information and feel free to contact us. Find out how we can work out a job search strategy and make your next career move the best decision in your life.

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